Best friends Hamper (1 piece)


The hamper includes the following –

2 Scrunchies

1 Pendant Necklace

1 Earring

1 Bow Hair Clip

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Best friends Hamper

All of us have special people in our lives for whom one gift is simply not enough. For them, here’s a special set of gifts (best friends hamper) which not only work for every occasion but for every mood as well (even the terrible ones).

The ‘Open When’ surprise comprises a set of 7 letters where each letter is meant to be opened in the event of a specific mood only. Inside each letter is a card and a gift to go with the mood.

The 7 gifts are:

Open this when you need attention:
An adorably unique greeting card which is designed with a mirror attached to it so that when it is opened, he/she will see their own face reflecting on it.
Content on the front of the card: SMILE
Content Inside of the card (which also has a mirror): That’s how you look the best – when you’re smiling.

Open this to get your wishes fulfilled:
This envelope includes a bunch of 10 fun redeemable coupons that entitle them to officially get their work done from you with a few ‘conditions applied’. From getting you to plan a holiday to letting your friend borrow whatever he/she wants – your bestie can choose to redeem the coupons from you whenever he/she likes.

Open this when you’re happy:
This envelope includes a letter pad to encourage your friend to write letters to himself/herself. The envelope also includes an instruction card which says – Now I’d like you to write a letter to yourself describing why you’re happy and all the things which make you such an amazing person. If you’re ever low or going through a bad phase, read this letter and maybe it will make you happy again – just the way you are now.

Open this to annoy me:
A dead lizard! Yes, the moment the envelope is opened, your friend will find a fake lizard inside waiting to be greeted.

Open this when you miss me:
This includes a hilarious magnet customized with 4 photos of your choice. Photos can be uploaded in the order form after the payment page.

Open this when you’re mad at me:

This includes 4 of your own photos so that every time you piss off your friend, they can burn or tear the picture. If they aren’t so violent, they can also choose to just put ketchup on that photo and leave it for the ants to crawl on it. Photos can be uploaded in the order form after the payment page.

The customization details can be shared in the order form after the payment page.


Size of the envelopes: 6.4 x 4.5 inches
Size of the cards: 6 x 5 inches

Shipping Information

We ship all our surprises through the most reliable delivery partners in India. All surprises are shipped within one working day of receiving your order. Tracking details for your shipment will be shared over SMS and email immediately after your order is shipped.

For priority delivery orders – if you order before 3 PM, it will be shipped same-day through a priority delivery service.

How to Customize

Customisation details required for this surprise can be uploaded in the order form immediately after the payment is completed.

In case you’re busy then, we can also email you the order form. But it’ll save you time to fill the order form immediately after ordering. 🙂

Refund Policy

Unhappy with what you got? Email us on admin@indybasket.com or call us on 9911443406 and we shall dedicate a Happiness Consultant to resolve your issue within 8 working hours.

If you opt for priority shipping and we’re unable to deliver on your chosen date, priority shipping charges are fully refunded. or read our full refund policy click here.

Data Privacy

Your secrets are safe with us, along with your personal details, photos and anything else you share.

All the files you share to customise your order are permanently deleted after the surprise is completed.


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